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As it was told to us…

Some twenty-seven years ago refugees from other countries began to settle on the outlying lands around Spanish look out. Selena was one of the villages, the only way into the village was by foot. The first settlers in this area was a Spanish -Belizean family.

One day an American from California named Ms. Julia, and a team of Americans came and visited. Ms Julia befriended the first settler family and began to help them in establishing the village. Ms. Julia was the one who named the village of Selena.  Selena was the first woman to settle in the area with her family. The first settlers were farmers who would sell their goods for other needs while visiting the area of Spanish lookout.


Fishers of Men primarily serves at Iguana Creek Government School by providing community dental clinics. We also provide school supplies and uniforms to nearly 50 students each year.


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